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We say "future" homeowner because if you're like most Americans, you don't really own your home... your lender does.


You actually own a mortgage. The sad thing is that your lender will still own over 50% of your home after you've been making payments for over 23 years on your 30 year mortgage.


Our Mortgage Manager software will automatically, and confidentially, analyze your mortgage to show you how you can save thousands of dollars, and own your home years earlier without refinancing or increasing your mortgage

payments - and there is no obligation to see how much money you can save.   


Before we analyze your mortgage, let's take a look at the ugly facts of a 30 year conventional mortgage:


(Read more)- "the facts your lender would rather you didn't know"



You can simply


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*The Mortgage Manager biweekly payment service is currently unavailable to
Kansas and California residents.