Here's what The Mortgage Manager does for you:

  1. arrowWithout changing your existing mortgage agreement, we restructure your monthly payment to a 1/2 payment every two weeks which is 100% bank and lender approved.  For example, a $500 "monthly" payment becomes a $250 "biweekly" payment.  Instead of writing a check each month, your biweekly mortgage payments are electronically debited from your bank account through a division of the Federal Reserve.
  2. arrowWe manage your escrow account held at an FDIC insured financial institution (so your funds are never at risk).  The bank will electronically transfer your bi-weekly mortgage payments into this account per our instructions where it can begin accumulating savings that are applied directly to the principal balance of your loan.  Your mortgage payments are then made for you automatically from this account.
  3. arrowWe prepare all the required paperwork each month for the transfers.
  4. arrowWe notify your lender each month with specific instructions and procedures to execute your mortgage savings.

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*The Mortgage Manager biweekly payment service is currently unavailable to
Kansas and California residents.