The benefits are undeniable!

arrowWithin just a few months of restructuring your monthly mortgage payments to biweekly payments, your account will begin to build a surplus of savings that will amount to the equivalent of one extra payment each year.  This quickly reduces the amount you owe, and builds your equity 300% faster.

arrowThere are approximately 4.3 weeks in each month.  A biweekly mortgage schedule allows you to take advantage of this .3 week each month and gradually build a savings in your account automatically without actually increasing your payment.  Even though you won't notice any change in your payments or that you're generating savings, your mortgage sure will.

arrowEach month, through electronic fund transfers or verified checks, your regular mortgage payment will automatically be paid, and all the credit your account has accumulated will be applied directly to your loan's principal.

The Mortgage Manager Software will not only calculate your savings but also take you through a more complete and detailed presentation so download the free software today. 




Once the software has been downloaded

and installed on your computer a

 "Verification Code Entry" box will pop up. 

Please enter this code number:  200


*The Mortgage Manager biweekly payment service is currently unavailable to
Kansas and California residents.